Commercial Certificate

Privileges of a Commercially Certified Pilot

Flying is fun. Flying is even more fun when you can get paid to do what you love! A commercial certificate allows you to get paid for flights such as City Tours, Banner Towing, Photography Flights, and more that meet certain FAA regulations.

PrivilegesCommercial Pilot Rating
Fly in the DaytimeYes
Fly at NightYes
Fly Clear of CloudsYes
Fly in the Clouds
Can Take a PassengerYes
Can Take Multiple PassengerYes
Sport Pilot AircraftYes
Single Engine AircraftYes
Multiple Engine Aircraft
Get Paid for PilotingYes
Teach Others

What GCA offers to your advantage:

  • GCA is the only flight school in the State that offers Garmin G1000 equipped aircraft for instruction and rental.
  • Picturesque Pontchartrain Lake and New Orleans Skyline.
  • Conveniently located at the Lakefront Airport: a demanding yet relaxed airspace with high tolerance for students and new pilots.
  • Location allows training (and instructor signoff) in Airspace Classification B, C, and D.
  • A full motion simulator that allows a level of Emergency Procedures and System training that is typically not available at other schools.

Personal Requirements:

  • Be 18 Years of Age
  • Read, write, speak and understand English
  • Hold a 2nd Class Medical Certificate
  • Pass a FAA Private Pilot Written Test
  • Pass a FAA Private Pilot Practical Test

Training Requirements (By MINIMUM FAA Standards):

In Various Aircraft

Study Kit: $375
Dual: 74 Hours @ $144.49 / Hr (See Aircraft Page N2473Z)
Dual: 10 Hours @ $205 / Hr (See Aircraft Page N43WW)
Dual: 30 Hours @ $75 / Hr (See Aircraft Page NSIM)
Instructor-Flight: 55 Hours @ $59 / Hr
Instructor-Ground / Pre / Post: 35 Hours @ $49 / Hr
Written Exam: $150
Medical: $140 (Valid for two years regardless of license sought)
Renter’s Insurance: $225 (Valid for one year regardless of aircraft rented)
FAA Examiner Fee: $400

Total: $21,253

There are many other paths to obtaining your commercial certificate, we would be happy to discuss and tailor the best way for you.

You can read more about the detailed requirements and the privileges various licenses give you on the FAA’s Becoming a Pilot Web Page.

Our Curriculum

graduationWe train using the state-of-the-art, scenario-based training program that is exclusively available only to Cessna Pilot Centers. Produced by John and Martha King and their team, this multimedia, internet training program allows students to progress at their own pace and delivers amazing retention of information. The program makes excellent use of the building blocks of learning approach. First simple skills are taught. Then with each proceeding lesson those skills are reviewed and then combined to form more advanced skills. An efficient learning system is formed which will get you through your training with confidence and minimal expense.

While most schools offer a dedicated ground school class which covers course information separate from flight lessons, this program integrates each ground school lesson with its corresponding flight lesson. In addition, the program offers a video preview of each lesson so that the student already knows exactly what to expect before they start spending money in the airplane. This ensures the best allocation of time and money to move the student toward realizing the dream of flying. Cessna/King training programs are available for Private, Instrument, Commercial, and Multi-Engine Ratings. We welcome you to stop by to receive more information and a preview of the program.

Our Guarantee

guarantee2We will provide you with the best flight training experience available. If at any time you do not feel that we are offering you the best training that you can receive, we will happily refund you all funds on account not yet used.

We will readily provide you with references from current and past students who have completed their rating in many less hours than the national average.  Be sure you ask how many hours it takes students to complete ratings when shopping for flight training, and be sure that the school is able to provide you solid student references.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid2Financial Aid is available through our partners at:

Liberty University
Pilot Finance

Please feel free to click on their respective links to learn more.