We train using the state-of-the-art, scenario-based training program that is exclusively available only to Cessna Pilot Centers. Produced by John and Martha King and their team, this multimedia, internet training program allows students to progress at their own pace and delivers amazing retention of information. The program makes excellent use of the building blocks of learning approach. First simple skills are taught. Then with each proceeding lesson those skills are reviewed and then combined to form more advanced skills. An efficient learning system is formed which will get you through your training with confidence and minimal expense. View A Demo of our Revolutionary Training Program


Your instructor will take you on a short flight to introduce you to the airplane, the airport, and the thrill of taking the controls of a safe, reliable Cessna aircraft for the first time.

start your flight training

With the Cessna Flight Training System, you will use our interactive programs designed to compliment your actual flight experience.


get your aviation medical certificate

A complete medical exam is required to get your Student Pilot Certificate (required before solo). There are a few health conditions that can prevent your pilot certificate.


study, practice. learn

Ground school studies and practice flights with your instructor will help you learn the principles of flight and will prepare you for your solo flight.

Make your first solo flight

Once you’ve reached a certain point in your flight training, and your instructor feels you are ready, you will join the elite group of people who can say they have been in an airplane without anyone else.

Navigation and Cross-Country Flying

You’ll become an expert an various types of navigation and learn to fly to other cities on cross-country flights (any flight greater than 50 miles).


Take your written and flight exams

A written exam will precede your oral and flight exam with an FAA-designated examiner.

keep flying

Once you get your pilot’s certificate, get as much experience as possible, get involved, stay connected, and enjoy the adventure!



- Our Student First Time Pass Rate is over 90% on all courses
- We are an FAA Approved Part 141 Flight School and our average student finishes in 20 fewer hours than the national average.
- We provide only the most modern and best maintained aircraft for your training
- Our Scenario Based curriculum adds an extra layer of safety by improving pilot decision making
- Our full motion flight simulator offers a level of Emergency Procedures and Systems training not available at most other schools
- Our full motion flight simulator allows many of our courses to be completed in fewer hours, thereby saving hundreds of your dollars
- Our instructors undergo continuous re-training to ensure that they remain current on the most effective instruction techniques
- We have a large list of satisfied customers who will be happy to tell you about their training


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Private Pilot – Skycatcher :
Private Pilot – Legacy Skyhawk :
Private Pilot – G1000 Skyhawk :
Instrument Rating – Legacy Skyhawk :
Instrument Rating – G1000 Skyhawk :
Commercial Pilot (Single-Engine Time Building) :

Commercial Pilot (Mult-Eninge Time Building):

Scenario Based IPC:
Multi-Engine Rating:
100 Hr Multi-Engine Block:
Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) :
Instrument Instructor (CFII) :
Multi-Engine Instructor (MEI) :
** All prices shown are estimates based on students completing courses in FAA prescribed minimums. Additional expenses for FAA examiner fees (approx $400), housing (for out of town students), sales tax, or additional flight time may also apply. While some private students do finish training within the FAA prescribed minimums, we recommend that many students budget approximately an additional $1,000-$2,000 for the private pilot course in case it is needed. Students often finish training within varying amounts of hours and costs depending on their speed of learning and willingness to complete all homework assignments between flight lessons. Gulf Coast Aviation does not make a guarantee of graduation within the prices listed, but rather offers the prices above estimates of training costs.