NSIM – (C172)


FAA Certified Full-Motion (AATD) Flight Simulator

Come log time no matter the weather!  Pilots and simulator enthusiasts in the New Orleans area now have access to our state-of-the-art full motion flight simulator.  The simulator is fully FAA certified for logging time toward IPCs and certification requirements.  Pilots are able to save money by completing a large portion of their instrument and commercial training, instrument proficiency checks, and most of the flight review in the sim.  Gulf Coast Aviation plans to drastically enhance pilot safety training by focusing on Scenario Based Training (SBT), systems familiarization, and emergency procedures training that often aren’t possible in a real airplane.  Pilots, future pilots, simulator enthusiasts, and anyone who enjoys seeing a technological marvel should plan to take a ride.  The sim can be used to log 2.5 hours toward private, 20 hours toward instrument, and 50 hours toward commercial.  The Majority of your IPC can also be done in the sim.


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